Here’s what I’ve got, wood-wise, and what I’m currently working on!

  • Source refers to how the wood was obtained:
    • FG = Found on the ground
    • GP = Garden maintenance prunings
    • XT = A former Christmas tree
  • Twigs = Still in its “raw” twig state, waiting to start the process of becoming a wand.
  • Processing = Currently at some stage in the process of being turned into a wand, which means it might have been whittled (stage 1), it might have been partially or fully sanded (stage 2), or it might be ready and waiting to be decorated (stage 3).
  • Done = The wand is finished but is in need of completing post-processing, which means it might need to be photographed and measured, needs those photos processing, or needs putting up online on the website and Etsy.
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